The trouble with Spring
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Spring is FINALLY here! It is my favourite season, despite suffering hay fever and having a bird phobia that peaks during magpie season! However as much as I LOVE spring, I struggle with what the season usually means, or implies, in the health and fitness industry.   Spring is usually when many players in the fitness industry bombard us with … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 21 – Celebrate!
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Today is the FINAL DAY of the Life Spark Wellness 21 Day Winter Wellness Challenge and it’s time to CELEBRATE!   Celebrate the small steps made and the breakthroughs you have had over the past 21 days.   Over the past 21 days you have completed challenges, learned from them and perhaps incorporated them into your daily routine. You worked … Read More

Wellness Challenge Day 20 – Take a small step towards your goal
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Last week you set a SMART goal based on your vision.   Today your challenge is to take the next smallest step you can manage towards that goal.   Exactly what that step entails will depend on your goal, but it need only be small. The step should small enough to accomplish quickly and easily and be a positive step … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 18 – Spend time doing something you love
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As we get older and busier and gain more responsibilities, it’s easy for things we enjoy doing to slip by the wayside and get forgotten while we focus on things we have to and must do.   It’s easy to work all day, come home and plant yourself in front of the TV – but nurturing your interests and even … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 17 – Be grateful
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Today your challenge is to write a list of 5 things you are grateful for. Even when life seems to give us lemons there are many reasons to be grateful. As the saying goes, we should ‘count our blessings’, even if it is sometimes difficult to do. Expressing our gratitude on a regular basis can improve our moods and overall … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 12 – Spend time in nature
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Sure it might be a bit cool outside at the moment, and it certainly gets light later and dark earlier, however there are great benefits to spending time outside.   Scientists have found that when people spend time in natural surroundings — forests, parks and other places with plenty of trees, they produce lower concentrations of cortisol (a stress hormone), … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 11 – Smile!
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Your challenge today is to SMILE! The simple act of smiling does far more than just make you look friendly – it can change your life and the lives of those around you. Here are 5 reasons why you should flash your pearly whites more often: It boosts your immune system Smiling changes the chemistry in your body. Medical studies … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 8 – Eat vegetables that are in season
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Many of us have become used to being able to buy most veggies all year round, even when they’re out of season. But, buying seasonal produce will generally be tastier and cheaper, will have less of an environmental impact, and provide better nutritional variety in your diet! Vegetables currently in season include: Root veges such as turnips and swedes, parsnips, … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 6 – Reconnect
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Today your challenge is to reach out and connect with a family member and / or friend – outside of social media.   Good social connections with family and friends have been shown to improve health and increase longevity. These relationships not only give us pleasure, they have been shown to influence our long-term health as much as getting adequate sleep, … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 5 – Eat a healthy breakfast
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Your challenge today is to make time for a healthy breakfast.   You’ve been told for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why?   Breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period, restores your glycogen stores and boosts your energy levels, as well as your metabolism for the day. In addition to this, eating … Read More

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