Part 2 …. 2012

Part 1 of my story followed my progress in 2011 from a couch potato to 15kg lighter ‘runner’….


By now I was on a roll and looking for my next goal. A friend and I agreed to meet in Canberra for the Mother’s Day Classic in May and run 10km. While I had set myself goal, I hadn’t really worked out much of a plan to achieve it. Come race day I hadn’t trained as much as I should have and found the run tough (and boy was it cold!!) but I completed it and ran 10km for the first time. Finishing that run was really rewarding. Despite it being hard going at times I loved it so much I entered myself in the Mt Beauty 10km at the last minute for the following weekend.

Mother's Day Classic 2012

Don’t let the hot sweaty face fool you! It was FREEZING! MDC 2012


The Mt Beauty run was another cold and misty morning and had a great local community feel. The course was lovely and tougher than the week before with the addition of a few undulations and a sneaky hill! By now I was hooked and loving the challenges that running brings and was looking for another goal.

After the Mount Beauty run, my friend was contemplating completing a marathon in September. I decided to support her by entering the half marathon at the same event. I figured that it was a rather lofty goal and one I had to work at – I couldn’t just rock up on race day and run that distance. So for four months I plodded away at training, slowly increasing the distance I ran, preparing myself physically and mentally for ‘race day’. I had a bit of a plan to get and there and while there were a few bumps along the way the plan kept me on track.

Race day was a beautiful day in Sydney. I joined 8500 other people in Milsons Point and ran 21.1km across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and through the streets of Sydney, before finishing at the Opera House. It was a great experience and a real challenge. At times I had to argue with myself to keep going, but I did. I was both exhausted and elated when I finished, even if I took a little while to appreciate what I had just achieved. I had achieved the goal I set myself only 4 months earlier, and only 9 months after running my first 5km. I had learned so much in the process and was super keen to do it all again (at least I was a few days later when my legs recovered! )


Our wedding day

November 2012 Photo by Kathryn Mitsch

The ultimate highlight of 2012 though was getting married in November. Due to the huge lifestyle changes I made in 2011, in 2012 my goals were no longer focused on weight loss but purely on achieving my fitness goals. These goals were supported with an appropriate and sustainable eating plan. As a result I was able to wear an amazing dress, felt amazingly fit and healthy and thoroughly enjoyed our wedding and honeymoon.

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