Why strength training is important for women
strength training women

Over the last decade, researchers have made extremely compelling arguments for the benefits of strength training for women and those over the age of forty.ID-100112879

Most women who exercise are spending most of their time doing cardiovascular exercise, and less time using resistance that challenges their bodies. Resistance training does not have to be hitting the weight room with full of big burly grunting men and intimidating machines.



Here are TEN TOP REASONS why strength training for women is SO beneficial.

1. You will lose body fat

Research has found that women who strength train two to three times a week for two months will gain nearly 1kg of muscle while losing nearly twice as much body fat.

The other bonus is, as your lean muscle increases so does your metabolism, which means you burn more calories all day.

2. You will gain strength without bulk

You won’t end up looking like ‘Arnie’ – I PROMISE! Unlike men, women typically don’t gain size from strength training, due to having 10 to 30 times less of the hormones required for muscle growth.

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3. You decrease your risk of osteoporosis

Now THIS is important! Weight training can increase spinal bone mineral density by as much as 13 percent in six months. This, plus an adequate amount of dietary calcium can be your best defense against osteoporosis.

4. You will improve your athletic performance

You don’t need to be an Olympian to be considered an athlete.  Golfers, cyclists, runners, skiers, in fact any sport can  benefit from strength training.  Benefits include increased power, less fatigue and reduced injury.

Regardless of what sport you play, strength training has been shown to improve overall performance as well as decrease the risk of injury.

5. You will be physically stronger

I don’t need to be a ‘Strong Man’ you say!  However increasing your strength will make you far less dependent upon others for assistance in daily living. Chores will be easier, lifting kids, groceries and laundry will no longer be a challenge.

By increasing your strength, daily tasks and routine exercise will be far less likely to cause injury. Research shows that even moderate weight training can increase a woman’s strength by 30 to 50 percent!

6. Reduce your risk of injury, back pain & arthritis

Strength training not only builds stronger muscles, but also builds stronger connective tissues and increases joint stability. This acts as reinforcement for the joints and helps prevent injury.

A recent 12-year study showed that strengthening the low-back muscles had an 80 percent success rate in eliminating or alleviating low-back pain. Other studies have indicated that weight training can ease the pain of osteoarthritis and strengthen joints.

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7. You will reduce your risk of heart disease

A U.S. research study showed that weight training can improve cardiovascular health in several ways, including lowering “bad” cholesterol, increasing “good” cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

For a double whammy – when cardiovascular exercise is added, these benefits are maximised even further.

8. You will reduce your risk of Type II Diabetes

One study has noted that weight training may improve the way the body processes sugar, which in turn may reduce the rifit woman middle agesk of Type II Diabetes.  This is a growing problem for women and men and should not be taken lightly.

9. It is never too late to benefit

Don’t try and tell me that you are ‘tool old’!  Even women in their 70’s and 80’s can build up significant strength through weight training and studies have shown that strength improvements are possible at any age.

10. You will improve your attitude and fight depression

It is well known that exercise is a great for improving your mood and outlook on life.  One Harvard study found that 10 weeks of strength training reduced clinical depression symptoms more successfully than standard counseling did. Other studies have shown that women who strength train commonly report feeling more confident and capable as a result of their program, all important factors in fighting depression.


An added bonus to all of this is that women who slowly and modestly gain more muscle will change their body composition. Such women will have more lean body mass and less fat.


If you would like to learn more about how strength training can benefit you, or if you would like to try strength training in a supportive and personalised environment, feel free to call me 0477 505 531 or drop me a line at jo@realgirls.com.au  If you live near me you could COME ALONG to one of my exercise classes which are adapted to suit YOUR needs.  You might also like to consider my Real Girls Sweat – Online fitness coaching. Fitness coaching you can do ANYWHERE at YOUR level (and I promise – NO BURPEES!)


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