Winter Wellness Challenge Day 14 – Reflect and consolidate

We have covered two weeks already and have one week to go! Today your challenge is to reflect back on the challenge so far.

To refresh your memory, the challenges so far have been”

Day 1 – Vision BoardDay 14 - Reflectand consolidate
Day 2 – Move More
Day 3 – Drink More Water
Day 4 – Get More Sleep
Day 5 – Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Day 6 – Reconnect (with family and friends)
Day 7 – Plan a week of purpose
Day 8 – Eat vegetables that are in season
Day 9 – Disconnect
Day 10 – Boost your protein
Day 11 – Smile!
Day 12 – Spend time in nature
Day 13 – Set a SMART goal


What challenges did you find easy, which ones did you find difficult, which ones did you miss and which ones have you continued with?


Also take time to look back at your vision and if you haven’t already, set a SMART goal that moves you closer to your vision. See yesterday’s challenge for more information, either on our Facebook page or here on the blog.


I hope you have found the challenge enjoyable so far and are looking forward to the final week of the challenge!



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