#icoachwomen to transform their health and fitness without burpees or diets





#icoachwomen to shape their lives without burpees or diets.

At Real Girls We:

– Teach you how to nourish yourself.  Never shakes or pills to buy.

– Provide a supportive and ‘judgement free’ environment, expert guidance and coaching.

– Focus on self-care so that you can Thrive in the busy-ness of life.

Jo Parker

Holistic Fitness Coach

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My total weight loss over the last 12 months is 16.5kgs.

All in all, the last twelve months working with Jo have been hard but fun. I am so grateful for the help and support she has given me to reach my goals and change my habits to improve my lifestyle.

Tara J

Sweat Small Group Training

So much support and useful advice and information is available. It is a great way to transform from a junk hidden cupboard to a healthy fridge and freezer.

Robbi Spong

Ditch The Junk Program

Thanks Jo. Life throws so many challenges but this program has helped me to realise that I need to take time for me & my health. I would not have been able to do this without your support.


28 Day Reset

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