are you ready to put yourself first?

You’re a busy working woman, slowly creeping towards 50 (or 60), stressed out & exhausted. That not so sneaky weight gain is really starting to bother you now, but you’re just too exhausted and overwhelmed to ‘fix it’.

You used to be fit & healthy – but life has got in the way, and now you’re way down at the bottom of your never-ending ‘to do’ list – and the thought of ‘starting over’ AGAIN fills you with dread.

You are frustrated that all of the tricks you have tried in the past no longer work, and even more frustrated by the ‘health and fitness’ industry selling you quick fixes by 20 somethings in lycra ‘scrunch bum’ tights and crop tops – who just don’t understand what it’s like to be a busy woman in her 40’s or 50’s, living in a body that seems to have a mind of its own.

You feel isolated and just don’t know where to start.

Are you exhausted, mentally and physically, losing hope that you'll ever have the energy to do the things you love - ever again?

Does your body seem to have a mind of it's own since turning 40 (or 50 - menopause belly appearing before your eyes?

Are you frustrated that all of your tricks you have tried in the past no longer work?

Are you fed up with your clothes getting tighter & dread your photo being taken?

Do you feel overwhelmed and isolated and just don't know where to start?

Are you fed up with being last on your list?

Here’s the thing… what you may not realise, is that you and your body are just not the same as they were in your 20s and 30s – and that’s ok!  The time of punishing ourselves with extreme exercise, and depriving ourselves with restrictive diets are over. It’s time to be kind to yourself, and work with your body instead of fighting so hard against it.

Design your midlife the sustainable way

I know…

I know you already feel like you’ve tried every diet & fitness craze there is, and that after each one, you’re left feeling like a failure.

You’re exhausted, discouraged and lost all motivation. You can’t remember the last time you slept well, had energy or felt confident looking in the mirror.

Everywhere you turn there’s another ‘quick fix’ offered by a 20-something that has no idea what it’s like to be 40+ and dealing with the ‘struggle of the juggle’ of kids, household, family & work pressures.


… what if I told you that you’re not going crazy
– that there is a way, a simple sustainable way, to take back control of your health FOREVER &
that you will never have to diet (or do a burpee) EVER again!

What if I told you that you can learn how to design your own midlife – your version of a healthy lifestyle with transformational mindset work, sustainable habits & personalised strategies!

Sound good?

Let’s get real about

what’s possible for you!

it’s time to make a lifestyle commitment

Let’s let go of what other people say that your midlife should look like – it’s never too late to chase those dreams and live a life with adventure.

You are NOT defined by a number. Not on the scale or your number of years on this earth. It’s time for you to get real about what’s important to you, physically, emotionally, mentally, and the adventures that you want to have.

When you work with your body, and take a wholistic approach to your health and fitness, not only will you regain a sense of control over your health, you’ll regain energy and the confidence to stop living on life’s sidelines.

BUT this is no quick fix, (we all know they aren’t the answer)

You know that your commitment to a strong, healthy and enjoyable midlife doesn’t get created in a few short weeks. This is the end of ‘you’ve heard it all before’.

This is a lifestyle commitment. It’s not a diet. It’s not a fitness craze. It’s not fluffy affirmations willing that your life is going to change. 


Project Me is all about YOU!

A 100% personalised lifestyle transformation program, designed to get you off life’s sidelines and living boldly. 

Together we will design the healthy lifestyle YOU dream of living.

We’ll look at everything from motivation, midlife nutrition and exercise, to habits and strategies to program a success mindset.

We’ll map out the path to get you there with a plan and personalised strategies, and my support and accountability at every step.

You will not only look and feel amazing, but I guarantee you’ll be approaching life differently, because you’ll feel in control, powerful and be unstoppable.

You are worth it!

During Project Me you will:

Design your personalised blueprint to create your midlife for longevity & lifelong success

Learn why healthy lifestyle is not a short term challenge and that in midlife it’s not just about what you eat

Discover what may be sabotaging your results without you even knowing it

Learn how to nourish your body without ever feeling deprived - ever again

Create simple strategies for exercise that don't involve spending countless hours at the gym

And much more…

Best of all…

    … as your coach and mentor, you’ll have my support and guidance every step of the way as you implement simple changes for lifelong success!


    You are worth it – taking care of yourself is not saying ‘me first’ to those you love – it’s saying ‘me too’.


    what’s included:

    Create your blueprint

    We’ll get to the heart of what’s holding you back, create a personalised blueprint, and work on mindset strategies so that you can dream big and live boldly.

    Strategies and Life hacks

    Life can be messy and a constant juggle – and that’s ok. Learn personalised strategies and life hacks to increase life balance, boost energy, help reduce stress and manage menopause.

    Personalised nutrition and Exercise

    Learn how to nourish and move your body now that you’re over 40, so that you have more energy, feel fit & strong, & love clothes shopping again without punishment or deprivation.

    Accountability & Support

    I’m in your corner! If you want to create a life you truly love, you need to be able to take consistent action. We’ll develop strategies to keep you on track and motivated so that you can overcome any curveballs life throws you.








    Our online resource centre of eGuides, video and worksheets cover topics from mindset and nutrition, to hormones and menopause to support your midlife transformation.


    adventure / ədˈvɛntʃə/

    an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

    As part of Project Me you will be invited to join our quarterly Real Girls Adventures (COVID restrictions permitting).

    I GET IT, I really DO

    10 years ago I was a few months into a new ‘health kick’ after several years of putting everything else first before me. Work, family, ‘stuff’.

    I had finally come to the realisation that there are no short cuts – there is no magic pill – I needed to do the work & prioritise ME!

    It wasn’t easy – but it was getting easier.

    It took time for me to finally realise that while exercise is a crucial part of the puzzle – I needed to change my mindset and my eating habits as well.

    I learned to eat to nourish and support my soul – not to deprive myself.

    I learned to exercise to reward and honour my body – not to punish it.

    I learned to say no to the things that no longer served me.

    But the biggest lesson of all was that I learned to strive for progress not perfection

    imperfect action trumps perfect inaction every.single.time.

    When i made that mindset shift, that’s when everything changed

    Again it wasn’t easy, but it got easier. I got results, and I have never looked back.

    Healthy feels incredible. Eating well, moving well, living well.

    I can honestly say that I am fitter, stronger and healthier now in my 50s than I was in my 20s & 30s.

    A healthy life is not about 6 packs and bikinis. It’s about self-acceptance, self-confidence & self-care.

    When I realised that it was that shift in mindset that made all the difference, that’s when I decided that I REALLY wanted to help women like me (and you) make that shift too.

    Frustrated by the smoke and mirrors and glossy facade of the weight loss & fitness industries I have studied far and beyond my fitness certifications. I am a women’s health & fitness coach – specialising in all chapters of life – from pre-natal care through to menopause.

    I am committed to helping you realise that you have 30.. 40..50.. years ahead of you…. to ensure that your life becomes bigger, brighter, bolder and more fulfilling… to give you the courage to get real about what’s most important to you and help bring it to life.

    take control of your health and fitness –
    once and for all



    Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in shape, or felt energised throughout your entire day, or felt capable and confident enough to do what you truly want.


    Just imagine… 

    Feeling strong, fit and confident - ready to take on the world.

    Nourishing your body and treating it with kindness and self-care.

    Feeling and looking amazing - wearing the clothes you love with confidence.

    Feeling fabulous, energised, and in control of yourself and your life - saying YES to all of life's adventures

    Celebrating the YOU because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

    When you’ve made the decision and committed to turn things around and start a new health and fitness program, it can be difficult to know what to do next. And staying motivated is hard — especially if you try to do it all on your own.

    That’s where I come in.

    If you’re ready to get in control of your health and fitness once and for all, I’m ready to help.


    My level of strength and aerobic fitness has never been better, and I feel like I’m in my 30’s, not my late 40’s!

    …the best thing is that loads of other things in my life have aligned due to a change in my mindset so I feel really good about work-life-Mum balance….

    Thank you Jo for the huge changes you have assisted me with!


    Joanne has done what nothing else has been able to do

    …She is consistent and gentle in her message, never casting judgement or making me feel stupid.

    I prioritise my meal planning more and have strengthened my commitment to regular exercise.

    I have more confidence and more resilience… I feel bloody awesome!

    I feel the most ‘powerful’ I have felt in ages, having clarity is priceless.

    Joanne’s attention, knowledge, coaching skills, and commitment to her clients is incredible, throw in a fabulous sense of humour and really, you couldn’t ask for a better coach!


    I have tried so many diet plans but my mindset has never changed like it has now.

    I like that the coaching  is actually teaching me – I’m not just following a pre-set template.

    This program has taught me I can do a lot more about my nutrition than I ever thought and that exercise can be fun and enjoyable.


    I was overwhelmed on how to improve my overall health….

    We looked at my goals so I could improve my health with long term sustainability in mind.

    We focused on changing my old mindset –  the number on the scale does not define you… adjusting my exercise to what I can do now not comparing myself to a much younger version of myself

    I am so much happier and healthier.



    Busy women who are 40+ and are READY

    1.  to stop looking for shortcuts, and quit dieting forever

    2. to lose weight, improve their health and feel fabulous again.

    3.. to navigate and embrace the changes that being 40+ brings

    4.  to rediscover energy that they forgot they once had

    5.  for an ENTIRELY NEW APPROACH that will transform their relationship with food and overhaul their health, once and for all!

    If you’re ready to get in control of your health and fitness once and for all, I’m ready to help.

    You’ve tried doing it alone. Now try with someone who’s ready to bring a commitment that’s as serious as your own.

    Project Me is for you if:

    You want to get healthier, fitter, and thrive despite life’s demands  — and stay that way for the rest of your life.

    You’re tired of “quick fix” programs and are willing to learn sustainable strategies to get in shape.

    You want an expert to hold you accountable and keep you consistent through the program.


    are you ready & excited to learn more?

    The Real Girls Movements provides nutrition and fitness coaching for women.  We specialise in helping women over 40 navigate the life changes that peri-menopause and mid-life brings.

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