it’s your turn

You’re a busy working woman, slowly creeping towards 50 (or even 60).


You know you should be moving more, heck once upon a time you LOVED ‘working out’.

You used to be fit & healthy – but life has gotten in the way, and now you are way down at the bottom of your never ending ‘to do’ list… however  that not so sneaky weight gain has really start to bother you


You want to Do something to improve your fitness, BUT you:

  • are worried you won’t be able to keep up,
  • have a few niggles you’re not sure how to manage,
  • hate feeling pressured to keep up with the 20-somethings,
  • hate burpees & being yelled at,
  • really don’t know where to start,
  • have trouble staying motivated on your own ….


If only you coulD finD a way to get fit, AND 

  • meet other like minded 40+ ‘girls’,
  • workout in a supportive environment,
  • have workouts modified to meet YOUR fitness level,
  • feel strong and flexible,
  • feel challenged (and a little sweaty) but not punished,
  • have the energy to live life to the fullest!

Are you ready to make lasting change?

Are you reaDy to get fit for MIDLIFE?

I don’t yell, and we don’t do burpees – It’s just not my style.

At Real Girls we are REAL, we are human, we come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Our sessions are fun, friendly & supportive. 



Real Girls Sweat is a 40+ ‘girls only’ group fitness membership that is fun, supportive and usually a little SWEATY!

All Real Girls Sweat classes are capped at a maximum of 12 participants so that I can meet your individual needs and provide personalised service – so that no one gets ‘left behind’.

Each workout is different. We focus on functional fitness including strength, flexibility & low impact cardio.

In addition to our in person workouts, being a member of Real Girls Sweat includes:

  • a live virtual class timetable, 
  • a comprehensive on demand workout library delivered using the Real Girls Sweat app
  • recipes, 
  • seminars, 
  • healthy habit challenges, 
  • accountability 
  • plus a tonne of support and resources
  •  PLUS regular local ‘adventures’. 

Most of all you will be joining a community of amazing women who support and encourage each other every step of the way.

*Exercises can be adapted to individual needs such as fitness levels or injury.

check us out:



My favourite thing about Real Girls Sweat sessions is being able to exercise in an accepting environment with a trainer who is caring & skilled in her ability to alter every exercise to anyone who has an injury as well as their current ability.

I highly recommend real Girls Sweat and the best way to overcome your fears of main stream ‘gym environments’ is to give Real Girls a go & see that we are all just that, ‘real girls’ just wanting to do something positive for our health & well being.


Jo couldn’t be more helpful and considerate. Never once has she made me or anyone else do a burpee and if I have doubts about doing an exercise she’ll work with me so I can do it.

Jo is genuinely excited when I reach a goal, nail a new exercise or do something really cool like carry a slab and two ten packs at once?!


My biggest fear before joining Real Girls, was not being able to keep up with everyone and looking silly.

I now understand that it’s about turning up, doing your best, celebrating your successes with internal fist pumps and feeling so much better at the end of each session…

I love how Jo gives me the gentle “hang in there” and “you can do it” words when I think  I have reached my limit, even though I know there is every opportunity to stop for a few seconds and start again, without judgment…

I am 57 and I’m bloody awesome!! 


Joanne’s guidance for proper techniques and motivation, challenges me every week to give that little bit more.


Jo helped me train for my first 10 km run, which I never thought I’d be able to do, and has been in my corner for each event since…

Jo is supportive and has helped me identify different fitness options to suit my lifestyle, so that I could achieve my goals…

I just love her authenticity and genuine care.


My favourite part is the variety, each session is different, you are pushed to work harder and there is never an “easy” session- which is just great! 

The group size is also great, having no more than 10 in a class means you don’t get missed.

Jo makes an effort to assist and push us individually, which would probably not be possible in a bigger class.


Just imagine!

  • Having the choice of working out when you want, where you want as often as you want – knowing that your workouts have been designed for you.
  • Feeling strong and flexible,
  • Having the energy to grab life by the short and curlies again! 
  • Achieving your fitness goals safely & confidently
  • Being part of a supportive community of 40+ Real Girls living their best midlife.

Oh and what if you’re not over 40?

If you have read this far and feel that the Real Girls approach to fitness is exactly what you are looking for – then shoot me a message and let’s chat!

..and what if you’re over 50 or 60?!

Full disclosure – I recently turned 50 🥳 – so I know exactly where you are and where we are headed  – call or message me any time



The Real Girls Movements provides nutrition and fitness coaching for women.  We specialise in helping women over 40 navigate the life changes that peri-menopause and mid-life brings.

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