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Are you always busy, but never have time for you?

Do you always put the needs of others before your own, leaving yourself to last? – 

Are you tired, worn out & heavier than you’d like to be? 

With the constant demands of life, juggling family and work, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of YOU! 

As a busy (40 something 🙂 ) mum, business owner & wife,  I understand how difficult it can be to make your own health and well being a priority. I understand that sometimes our own needs can become lost in the busy-ness of work, family and random life events.

I GET it! I REALLY do!

I understand the many obstacles and challenges we face each day, however I truly believe that investing in your own health and well-being is the most important investment you can make.

9 years ago I was a few months into a new ‘health kick’ after several years of putting everything else first before me. Work, family, ‘stuff’. 

You see – soon after I turned thirty I returned to full time work (as a single mum) and this suddenly meant a lot less time for myself. Long work hours and lack of planning led to weight creeping on until I had gained 21kgs at my heaviest. My BMI landed me in the ‘obese’ range. 

I was unhappy, no, miserable. I refused to buy nice clothes as this wasn’t the ‘real’ me. I was frumpy, lumpy and avoided social situations unless it was with close friends or family and refused to have my photo taken.

I tried a range of quick fix diets, you name it – I tried it all – resulting in me regaining any weight I did lose, and then some. I was an 80+kg yo-yo!

Before I knew it, I was fast approaching 40. Finally – I decided enough was enough – I had to do something about my health and weight.

I also came to the realisation that there are no shortcuts – there is no magic pill –  I needed to do the work & prioritise ME!

I started with exercising.

It took time for me to finally realise that while exercise is a crucial part of the puzzle – I needed to change my mindset and my eating habits as well.

I learned to eat to nourish and support my soul – not to deprive myself.

I learned to exercise to reward and honour my body – not to punish it. 

I learned to say no to the things that no longer served me. 

But the biggest lesson of all was that I learned to strive for progress not perfection – imperfect action trumps perfect inaction every.single.time.

When I made that mindset shift – that’s when everything changed. Again it wasn’t easy, but it got easier. I got results, and I have never looked back.

Healthy feels incredible. Eating well, moving well, living well.

I can honestly say that I am fitter, stronger and healthier now in my 40s than I was in my 20s & 30s.

A healthy life is not about 6 packs and bikinis. It’s about self-acceptance, self-confidence & self-care.

When I realised that it was that shift in mindset that made all the difference, that’s when I decided that I REALLY wanted to help women like me (and you) make that shift too.

Frustrated by the smoke and mirrors and glossy facade of the weight loss & fitness industries I have studied far and beyond my fitness certifications.  I am a women’s health & fitness coach – specialising in all chapters of life – from pre-natal care through to menopause. 

I am committed to helping you realise that you have 20.. 30.. 40..  years in front of you…. to ensure that your life becomes bigger, brighter, bolder and more fulfilling… to give you the courage to get real about what’s most important to you and help bring it to life.

Helping Real Girls over 45 embrace midlife:
feeling stronger, healthier & more energetic without burpees & diets.

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