Feel energised & Get your body into the “flow”
feel energised
Do you long feel energised?

Have you ever gone through a time in your life when you felt “in the flow”?

Wasn’t it GREAT?

You had a TONNE of energy, your sleep was on track, you felt productive, and you were positive and optimistic. Not to get woo-woo … but you felt “in sync.”

Chances are, one big reason was that your body was running in its natural rhythm – basically, following your body clock. And it turns out there’s nothing woo-woo about it. Our bodies CRAVE routine. Especially healthy routines!

When you’re NOT following your body clock, you can feel fuzzy, unfocused, and tired. You can also feel hungry … even when you’re not.

Over the long run, it can spell disaster for your health. It can affect your:

  • heart health
  • metabolism
  • digestion
  • skin
  • body’s ability to repair DNA damage, and
  • and so much more!

PLUS … disruptions in your body clock (aka circadian rhythm) are linked with obesity, diabetes, and mental health issues.

In this post I want to start with ONE TIP that can go a long way toward helping your body clock get into sync, and feel energised. 

Your body’s “clock” is actually located in your brain’s hypothalamus, right above where the nerves of your eyes cross.  It’s made up of thousands of nerve cells that sync your body’s functions and sleep-wake cycle through hormones and other signals.

→ One MAJOR thing that affects it is LIGHT. (A clue we’re meant to sleep at night: we don’t have night vision like most nocturnal animals.)

Light and darkness trigger a LOT of different actions in your hypothalamus.  This is part of the reason shift work can be so taxing and why the adjustment to daylight savings can feel so hard.

So … the tip is to GET SOME NATURAL LIGHT during the day! 

GO OUTSIDE. And even better, while you’re out there, go for a 20-30 minute walk … which is another way to help tune up your body clock.

Make it an amazing (and light-filled) day 🙂

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