Eat well. Move Well. live well.

Let’s be honest! We know that you are already AMAZING!

..but perhaps you’re just not feeling it right now…

Perhaps you’re like me back when I was turning 40 – just started a ‘health kick’ after several years of putting everything else first before me – focusing on exercise and moving more, but hadn’t got my nutrition right just yet – not realising that what used to work in my 20’s and 30’s just wasn’t cutting it anymore.


Perhaps you’ve lost your ‘get up and go’! Perhaps you feel now that you’re ‘over 40’ that you’re just ‘past it’ – and you’ll try and get ‘back on track’ next week (but next week never arrives)! 

I promise you – it doesn’t have to be this way and you are WORTH it!

you are worth it!

To get your mojo back (and navigate nutrition in your 40’s and beyond) you just need these 4 things:

    SUPPORT: to encourage and motivate you - because we all know some days are harder than others

    GUIDANCE: that's designed for you. Our bodies and our LIVES aren't the same in midlife as they were in our 20's and 30's - so those quick fixes just won't work any more.

    NUTRITION: sustainable nutrition that nourishes your body, and promotes longevity, not another fad, deprivation diet.

    ACCOUNTABILITY: accountability but not pressure, so that you get the most out of our time together.

    That’s why I created Nourish.

    welcome to Nourish

    Nourish is designed for women over 40, to help you navigate midlife and menopause and learn that a healthy lifestyle is a way of nourishing, nurturing and taking care of yourself, not punishing or depriving yourself.

    Nourish is a lifestyle nutrition program designed to change your relationship with food and teach you how to nourish yourself to meet your body’s new midlife needs.

    Combining a personalised Macro & Portion guide, education, and ongoing check- ins this program is designed to  provide you with everything you need to achieve your short and long term health and fitness goals. 

    Join Nourish for just $35 p.w. and receive:

    1:1 60 minute goal setting session to get to the heart of your why and what’s holding you back

    Personalised Macro & Portion guide to meet your goals

    Lifestyle nutrition education program tailored to your needs - delivered via my app

    Recipes & sample menu plans to get you started

    Mindset work and strategies to help manage emotional, comfort and stress eating habits

    And much more…

    Fortnightly 30 min 1:1 accountability sessions to keep you on track, answer any questions and develop strategies to help you eat well regardless of what life throws at you.

    Text based support to answer questions and check in between sessions

    Accountability, motivation, and guidance from me, your biggest cheerleader

    Confidence, inside and outside the gym

    A solid understanding of nutrition and fitness to help you achieve your midlife goals

    Learn how to nourish your body without ever feeling deprived – ever again.

    *minimum 12 week commitmment

    Best of all, it’s easy to follow and fits right into your busy lifestyle.

    I GET IT, I really DO

    10 years ago I was a few months into a new ‘health kick’ after several years of putting everything else first before me. Work, family, ‘stuff’.

    I had finally come to the realisation that there are no short cuts – there is no magic pill – I needed to do the work & prioritise ME!

    It wasn’t easy – but it was getting easier.

    It took time for me to finally realise that while exercise is a crucial part of the puzzle – I needed to change my mindset and my eating habits as well.

    I learned to eat to nourish and support my soul – not to deprive myself.

    I learned to exercise to reward and honour my body – not to punish it.

    I learned to say no to the things that no longer served me.

    But the biggest lesson of all was that I learned to strive for progress not perfection

    imperfect action trumps perfect inaction every.single.time.

    it’s time to love yourself enough to
    live a healthy lifestyle

    You’ve read the information but you’re still not 100% sure.

    I get it! The ‘health and fitness’ industry is full of empty promises – and perhaps just like me – you’ve been ‘burned’ a few too many times before.

    I have been a nutrition and fitness coach for over 7 years, and work exclusively with women who are sick of being sold quick fix fads, are tired of broccoli & steamed chicken diets (and hate doing burpees).

    It is my mission to stop women reaching for diet shakes, buying thigh blasters, depriving themselves – and to live a life they love through living a sustainable healthy lifestyle – by nurturing their body from a place of self love, not a place of self loathing.

    …but don’t take my word for it

    here are what a few of my Real Girls clients have to say…


    I have tried so many diet plans but my mindset has never changed like it has now.

    I like that the coaching  is actually teaching me – I’m not just following a pre-set template.

    This program has taught me I can do a lot more about my nutrition than I ever thought and that exercise can be fun and enjoyable.


    Working with Joanne provided me with strategies that easily fit around my family, there are no strict menus to follow.

    There is no counting or weighing, so it is really easy to follow. This is the easiest and most rewarding way of not only losing weight but gaining better health.

    I am now comfortable in my clothes again, when I started I didn’t think that would be possible


    I just love the authenticity and genuine care that is displayed by Jo for both myself and all the ‘Real Girls’ she supports.


    If you’re ready to see yourself as a priority – put yourself at the top of your never ending to do list and treat yourself with the self love you deserve – then click on the button below to secure your spot.

    Still not sure? Then book a call and let’s chat!

    The Real Girls Movements provides nutrition and fitness coaching for women.  We specialise in helping women over 40 navigate the life changes that peri-menopause and mid-life brings.

    We are located at 1/83 High Street, Wodonga, 3690.

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