Keep Calm – the Life Spark Wellness FREE 21 Day Winter Wellness Challenge is HERE

Monday marked the first day of winter!

During these cold winter months it is easy to go into hibernation and forget about or ignore our health and wellness goals.

Copy-of-Keep-Calm-1To help keep you inspired and motivated while we transition into the chilly season, Life Spark Wellness is running a FREE 21 Day Winter Wellness Challenge.

Starting Monday the 1st of June, each morning at 8am I will post a daily challenge on Facebook for you to complete and will post the challenge here later in the day in case you don’t use Facebook. The challenge tasks will cover all areas of wellness, such as – mindset, nutrition, stress, energy and exercise.

Each challenge might be something you do once, or something you’d like to continue to incorporate into your daily routine.

Keep your eyes peeled for your challenge each morning!

Let’s do it!



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