SWEAT Program Results

Thanks Jo for all you support and motivation. You are an inspiration to us all.
Teresa Van Kesteren
Teresa Van Kesteren
Loved the challenge. Kept me motivate and had fun. Love Empowered Nutrition + Pro coach and the common sense it gives and the support and feedback and life experience of Jo
Peter Abela
Peter Abela
Teresa Riley
Teresa Riley
Jo organised the Real Girls Sweat Run Against Violence teams recently which lasted 18 days. She kept team members informed and updated along the way and encouraged each team daily to continue to strive to meet to end goal. It was a great opportunity and a nice way to be involved in something as a group without the need to be in the same place at the same time which meant the flexible approach catered for everyone. Thanks Jo
Elizabeth Sayers
Elizabeth Sayers
I met Jo through the RAV challenge and her regular correspondence and encouragement amongst the team members was key to keeping us engaged! I can't thank Jo enough for getting me moving 💐
Celeste Peirce
Celeste Peirce
I have been a client of Jo's for over two years in that time she has encouraged and assisted me in kicking so many fitness goals, some of which I never thought I could or would do but Jo helped me make it reality !!! Whenever I've taken on a new challenge Jo has supported me in many different ways such as giving me advice or just reaffirming that I can do whatever I put my mind to. You won't regret contacting Jo she's pretty awesome at what she does !!!!
Tara Jongeneel
Tara Jongeneel
I love working out with Jo! I leave each class with a sense of achievement �Also the challenges & different running events that We do as a team are great!
Donna Anne Simmons
Donna Anne Simmons
Real Girls Sweat at the Thurgoona Community Centre is a great way to start and end the week. Jo's sessions have variety and anyone of any age, ability or fitness level should come along. Jo is extremely patient and encouraging and thankfully doesn't do that 'yelling, screaming and spitting in your face' kind of stuff that I'm not a fan of! All the ladies (no men have braved the early start since I've been going) are very supportive and, best of all, we all look like we've just jumped out of bed, thrown on the trackies and barely brushed our hair and teeth!Thanks Jo for providing a wonderful program and keeping me on track during these cold winter months.
Kylie Ford
Kylie Ford
Jo Byron
Jo Byron

My favourite thing about Real Girls Sweat sessions is being able to exercise in an accepting environment with a trainer who is caring & skilled in her ability to alter every exercise to anyone who has an injury as well as their current ability. 

I highly recommend real Girls Sweat and the best way to overcome your fears of main stream ‘gym environments’ is to give Real Girls a go & see that we are all just that, ‘real girls’ just wanting to do something positive for our health & well being.


Sweat Small Group Training

Before I joined Real Girls Sweat I was worried that I was going to be way behind everyone else and not able to keep up. I was so glad to get there and find that my fitness level didn’t matter – Jo goes above and beyond to make the exercises doable for everyone, and makes sure there just that bit of a challenge.

My favourite part is the variety, each session is different, you are pushed to work harder and there is never an “easy” session- which is just great!

The group size is also great, having no more than 10 in a class means you don’t get missed, Jo makes an effort to assist and push us individually, which is often not possible in a bigger class.

Real Girls Sweat, it is such a welcoming group of women and Jo’s training is great. All the exercises can be as difficult and push you as much as you want them. You won’t regret Real Girls Sweat it’s the perfect way to start the morning, particularly on a Monday!


Sweat Small Group Training

My favourite part of training with Real Girls Sweat, is the circuit training and the different combinations of the exercises that are set.

With Joannes guidance for proper techniques and motivation, challenges me every week to give that little bit more.

And I must give a shout out to the group of ladies who also give you support and motivation to strive on…

We have a fantastic trainer who works with you to achieve your goals in a personal or group atmosphere, and the group ladies we train with have been great support and motivation.


Sweat Small Group Training

In August 2015 I had my first session with Jo from Real Girls Sweat. It was my very first fitness test I couldn’t run 500 meters, I planked on my knees for 30 seconds, did 12 very bad push ups on my knees and did a squat hold for 45 seconds. In that first session I pushed myself hard to get those results…..

My latest fitness test was 12 weeks ago I ran a kilometre in under 6 minutes, I planked for 2 minutes 30 seconds, I did 17 fairly decent push ups on my toes and did a squat hold for 2 minutes and 45 seconds. My next fitness test is next week and I have no doubt I’ll improve these stats yet again. My total weight loss over the last 12 months is 16.5kgs.

I still have a long way to go to reach my desired fitness level and my goal weight but I have no doubt that I’ll get there. The reason for this confidence is the support and encouragement I get from Jo. She pushes me to improve my fitness level and offers practical advice about nutrition and life in general.

Jo couldn’t be more helpful and considerate. Never once has she made me or anyone else do a burpee and if I have doubts about doing an exercise she’ll either work with me so I can do it.

Jo is genuinely excited when I reach a goal, nail a new exercise or do something really cool like carry a slab and two ten packs at once   !

All in all, the last twelve months working with Jo have been hard but fun. I am so grateful for the help and support she has given me to reach my goals and change my habits to improve my lifestyle.

Tara J

Sweat Small Group Training

Before I started classes with Jo, I was scared that the sessions would be fast paced & regimented, however the class environment is welcoming & I feel accepted, comfortable & catered for in each session.

I specifically like the friendly, fun atmosphere & genuine manner in which Jo considers individual needs.

I highly recommend Jo’s classes. They are structured to cater for individual needs & modified to suit special requirements. I have gained more energy, better health & observed others achieve the same goals. The supportive atmosphere & like minded company makes for fun filled enjoyable sessions.

Chrissy F

Sweat Small Group Training

NOURISH Program Results

The photo on the left was taken just after I had completed my “Ditch the junk” challenge, had lost a couple of kilos & feeling pretty happy with myself….

when I looked at this photo I was devastated, because the message it gave to me was that even though I thought I had made a good start, there was absolutely no visible evidence of it at all.

My usual reaction to feeling like this would be to say.. bugger it, I will give up because it’s not working.

But this time was different.

The photo on the left motivated me to keep going with the changes I had been making to my lifestyle. It motivated me to continue to remove the junk from my diet & instead nourish myself with wholesome real food & it motivated me to continue the exercising that I was enjoying more with each session.

The photo on the right is today. When I put them side by side I shocked myself.

To say I have a long way to go is an understatement, but I have started & I have continued & I feel amazingly healthy & fitter than I have ever felt before!

Thankyou to Jo @ Real Girls for the guidance, motivation & the resources to keep me going on this journey.


Ditch The Junk & Real Food for Real Girls

Before I started the Nourish program I was worried I would not be able to be consistent, but with daily lessons from the program and checking in each day, it makes it easy to stay on track!
I really like how informative the lessons are and the fortnightly check-ins with Joanne.
It’s a great program that is very consistent and detailed without being too overwhelming.

Katelyn G

Nourish Program

It’s about education and gradual steps. I’ve learned much about myself through the process. Learning about habit development can also be applied to other areas in life, too. I thought I knew how to eat healthy (or healthy enough), but I’d never assume I know enough in my work – why do I not give my life (me) the same attention and consideration? It has helped me value and prioritise my time. (Recommending to a friend, I’d have to be careful I’m not too evangelistic!)


Nourish Program

In nine months, I have lost two clothing sizes, I sometimes look in the mirror and am surprised at how much smaller and stronger my body is! I love how Nourish has fitted into my busy life seamlessly. I have managed to stick to a new habit every two weeks, which has been achievable and also noticeable. I have found that exercising a little most days is actually really enjoyable, and when I don’t do some form of exercise I tend to get quite irritable – who would have thought I would say that nine months ago!

It is a program that easily fits around my family, there are no strict menus to follow. Just good advice on what are good options and how much protein, fat, and carbs are ideal to consume. There is no counting or weighing, so it is really easy to follow.

I recommend Nourish, it is the easiest and most rewarding way of not only losing weight but gaining better health. I am now comfortable in my clothes again, when I started I didn’t think that would be possible.


Nourish Program

THRIVE Program Results

Thanks Jo. Life throws so many challenges but this program has helped me to realise that I need to take time for me & my health. I would not have been able to do this without your support.

Keena M

28 Day Reset

Thanks Jo the 30 Day Kick Start was great. I have made some changes I’m sure I can stick to, and am feeling great!! Have learnt so much!

Danae T

30 Day Kickstart Program

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