Winter Wellness Challenge Day 21 – Celebrate!
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Today is the FINAL DAY of the Life Spark Wellness 21 Day Winter Wellness Challenge and it’s time to CELEBRATE!   Celebrate the small steps made and the breakthroughs you have had over the past 21 days.   Over the past 21 days you have completed challenges, learned from them and perhaps incorporated them into your daily routine. You worked … Read More

Wellness Challenge Day 20 – Take a small step towards your goal
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Last week you set a SMART goal based on your vision.   Today your challenge is to take the next smallest step you can manage towards that goal.   Exactly what that step entails will depend on your goal, but it need only be small. The step should small enough to accomplish quickly and easily and be a positive step … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 19 – Make exercise a priority
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Today your challenge is to consider how much you currently exercise – and how much you need to exercise to maintain good health. In order to ensure our health and wellbeing, being active and limiting how much time we are sedentary is essential. Australian guidelines recommend:   Being active on most days of the week Undertaking muscle strengthening activities on … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 18 – Spend time doing something you love
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As we get older and busier and gain more responsibilities, it’s easy for things we enjoy doing to slip by the wayside and get forgotten while we focus on things we have to and must do.   It’s easy to work all day, come home and plant yourself in front of the TV – but nurturing your interests and even … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 14 – Reflect and consolidate
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We have covered two weeks already and have one week to go! Today your challenge is to reflect back on the challenge so far. To refresh your memory, the challenges so far have been” Day 1 – Vision Board Day 2 – Move More Day 3 – Drink More Water Day 4 – Get More Sleep Day 5 – Eat … Read More

Winter Wellness Challenge Day 13 – Set a SMART goal
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Today your challenge is to go back to day one of the Winter Wellness Challenge and look at your vision board.  Your vision should be so compelling that you can see it, smell it, taste it and feel it. Take some time to reflect on your vision. What are the big steps and actions you need to take? Today your … Read More

The difference between setting goals and achieving them
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Last Sunday I mentioned on Facebook that I had achieved my ‘first fitness’ goal of 2015 – completing the Wangaratta Half Marathon.  It was a great local event and although a tad warm – a fun morning out. Although running may not be your ‘thing’, the process I used to achieve this goal can be applied to almost any situation.  … Read More

A new year…. same resolution….
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Christmas and all it’s craziness is over and the focus shifts to the New Year.  You start reflecting on the previous 12 months, where you are now and where we would like to be, and realise that the resolutions you set last year still haven’t been achieved.   Like many looking forward to another opportunity to ‘start over’, you may … Read More

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